Isolda Barbarà i Trenkle started working in corporal techniques in Barcelona as a result of her studies in ballet and contemporary dance. She is part of the generation of dancers who came out of the 70s. Those were years which were charged with creativity, rich with new groups, mostly dedicated to contemporary dance, all coming under the umbrella name of “Independent Theatre.

She was a member of the Ballet Contemporany de Barcelona, one of the driving forces behind contemporary dance in Catalonia. However, at the end of the 80s she changed direction and dedicated herself totally to the investigation of new ways of looking at corporal techniques. This is what ultimately defines her.

Over the past two decades, she has taught classes in body structuring, which later evolved into a new empirical technique based on the holistic understanding of the self and the particulars of each individual. According to her, Harmony in Body mechanics consists of:

" the understanding which exists during movement when our anatomy is perfectly balanced. The consolidation of the individual is to be found in our posture, in how we live our verticality. In fact, the human body is exposed to a wide range of changes due to malleability. The problem is that these changes don’t always take us in the right direction. Physical activity is necessary to liberate our mechanical system and to release the nuts and bolts inside. In the end, a balanced structure organises itself around a pre-established anatomical order. "

The concepts expressed by the following authors have helped Isolda Barbarà i Trenkle in the development of Harmony in Body Mechanics.

• The muscular shell (Wilhelm Reich)

• The vital core of the human being (Karlfried Dürckheim)

• Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen)

• The process of Individualisation (Carl G. Jung)

• Body positioning in classical dance (Helena Villarroya)

• Global Active Stretching (Philippe E. Souchard)

• Sensory consciousness (Moshe Feldenkrais)

• Rolfing (Ida Rolf)

A part from her long career working with different dance styles, she has participated in several seminars, the most important concerning corrective medical gymnastic and metamorphic techniques.

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